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ASHA works for street animals and birds. So many street dogs are become handicapped and injured in Ahmedabad city. At that time ASHA is the only place for street dogs.

Now days so many orphan puppies and handicapped street dogs living in ASHA.

In the month of January people are celebrating kite flying day and on that day people using glass coated thread and plastic thread to fly kites. By these threads lots of birds become injured.

Unfortunately some birds can not fly forever so at that time injured birds living permanently in ASHA. We have made special cages for injured birds. Mainly eagle, Kite, Pigeons, Owls, Vulture, Parrot, Sparrow and migratory birds become the victim of the thread. We serve them carefully and trying to give new life.

Some pet animals which are left by their owners at that time only ASHA is the stand of this animals and birds.

We are developing our shelter for them.