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Incidents / Rescue Stories

  • Incidents / Rescue Stories

BABY Monkey - Manchu

2 days old baby monkey found at the vijay cross raod area , his mom died becuse of electricity shoke and mom dead we rescued the baby monkey and give the Name Manchu, now Machu is 3 months old and palying with dogs.

Save Vulture

During the kite flying day , Staff of the ASHA rescued the vulture which is victim by the glass coated kite thread Dr. Dave and Dr Michela did surgery and after one and half months vulture become a healthy and release at the same place which we rescued

Treatment of Camel

Camel met with an accident which pull the cart and loaded with irons.Vet of the ASHA went to the spot and provide the treatment.

Rescue injured Snake

Dr. kim Barrow give the treatment of the injured Snake. People beat the snake with stick and all of a sudden staff of the ASHA reach the spot and rescue the injured snake.

Treatment of the Monkey

Dr. Lauren , vet of the UK give the treatment of the injured Monkey. Because of the road accident Monkey lost his Leg.

Treatment of Injured elephant

65 years old female elephnat is sufferig from Pain and she has deep wound. Vet of the ASHA give the 2 months treatment to the Laxmi.

Treatment of the Donkey

Donkey is suffering from Gestrict problem and suffering from Tumor. Dr Kim Barrow from london give the treatment of the Donkey

Treatment of the Saras

Volunteer of the ASHA foundation rescued injured Saras at Viramgam highwayway and keep under the treatemnt for 3 months.

Rescue Reptiles

People call to the ASHA foundation to rescue reptiles, We release the reptiles at the natural habitat

Treatment of a Street dog

A Street dog had once met with a road accident and was very serious. It had to undergo a major operation and our team of good doctors treated and operated him in time and saved his life.

Treatment of a Camel

A Camel who was injured by a truck that hit him on national highway was rescued by our staff members who went at the spot immediately and gave the required treatment which helped the camel to survive

Treatment of the Monkey

In another incident a monkey who had touched a live electrical wire was shaken because of the high voltage and in turn had lost both his arms was thought to be as good as dead but ASHA foundation gave it the necessary treatment and today it does survive in this world.

Treatment of the cow

There was a cow who was suffering from some horn infection because of which it had to suffer tremendous pain in its head was rescued by our doctors by removing its infected horn.

cases of Vultures, Eagles & Owls

We have also received cases of vultures, Eagles and Owls who are said on the verge of being extinct, was given a new life by our institution on Kite Flying Day when a Glass coated thread hit their wings making them unable to fly in the sky. They are saved but they have to spend their entire life in the cage.

Treatment of the cat

A cat was once suffering from some disease and was sick since long. The doctors had kept it under observation to try to rescue it

Female Street Dog

A female street dog was suffering from acute uterus cancer and one fine day when we came to know about this, we brought her and carried out a major operation to remove her tumor and today she is free from the pain.

Treatment of the Dog

There are instances where in owners leave astray their loved and favorite pet after the pet develops some disease. It was the case with a German shepherd who was left because it had maggots developed in its wound and a Pomerian because it was suffering from skin disease.

Uttrayan Festival

The migratory birds who lost their wings during UTTRAYAN (MAKARASANKRANTI) FESTIVAL have also been given shelter by us as they can not fly due to cutting of their wings by kite threads/strings.

Uttrayan Festival

We have a major roll during UTTRAYAN (MAKARASANKRANTI) FESTIVAL when many birds are injured by the kite threads/strings and treated by us. We did give the photographs and the required information to the news papers also.

Kite Flying Day

We even had to climb high roof tops and trees to rescues pigeons who were again victims of the kite flying day.