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Working Animal Project

Working Animal Project

In India, donkeys, camels, bulls, ponies, elephants and horses are using to carry heavy goods and luggage. Most donkeys and ponies carry bricks, sand and are found working in building construction, while camels and bulls are found pulling carts fully loaded with iron, steel and heavy machinery in the industrial area. Some vegetables and fruits vendor use bulls to pull a cart and move in different area for selling vegetables. Elephants are basically used in religious or wedding functions.

In India, the life of working animals is very miserable. There are no specialized veterinarians for cattle and horses. So many homeless cows are abandoned,living on roads and eating garbage and plastic and after which they are suffering gastric problems.Recently, we have found that a certain number of dancing horses and working donkeys have suffered the same fate ~ because they are old/injured and no longer useful to the owner- left to fend for themselves on the roads.

ASHA foundation provides free treatment and vaccines for working animals. We keep records for all working animals and try to utilize our mobile clinic in the field as much as possible taking relevant drugs and dressings that might be required to the animals workplace.
We help the owners of the animals with advice and care, keeping them up-to-date with the best of the type of husbandry that would benefit all.

In Ahmedabad city, there is no hospital for large animals and Asha foundation is the only shelter and “hospital” for them. Good news is that now in 2019 , Asha Foundation is able to start work on a brand new Animal Hospital and Asha can expand on its dedicated Team of full time, part time and volunteer staff..