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How Can you Help?

ASHA is funded solely by public donations . Animal lovers, temples, churches, companies and some local NGOS donate to the foundation. We really appreciate any donations, however large or small. Donations are used to buy medicines, surgical equipment, food, fuel for the ambulance and development to the ASHA foundation buildings.

2ml and 5ml syringes with needles, sterile needles and thread, suture kits, antiseptic dressings packs, cotton wool, swabs, sterile gloves, drapes, vet wrap and antiseptic spray are needed daily.

ASHA currently has 4 working ambulances but 2 are over 10 years old and so have become very costly to run. Any donations towards the purchase of new ambulances would therefore be much appreciated.
A small ambulance would cost 391000/- Indian rupees whilst a larger one with room for animal cages would cost around 600000/- Indian rupees .

Help can be given in many ways, not only money.

Help can be
* Time, (can you volunteer or organize a fundraiser?),
* Talent (can you make and send anything that would be useful ?),
* Ability: Are you able to make more people aware of the need for a Free Animal Hospital in India. ?
* Can you take good photographs, write reviews?? Make a film about the work they do and share their vision?
* Are you able to send surplus – dog beds or caged bird toys, anything to make the rescues time with us more comfortable and interesting , (including those who cannot safely be released.)
* Useful veterinary care tools, medicines, farrier, animal dentistry, medicine, first aid, very much appreciated.
* Can you share their mission, this website on your social media?

This would make a difference to the quality of life for an animal or bird having to stay at the shelter.

Many Many Thank-Yous from ASHA Team (on behalf of the animals)


Other Required Equipment

You can also donate medicines, food and equipment directly to the address given below. The drugs we use most regularly and so are always needed are Ivermectin, Prednisolone, Meloxicam, Ceftriaxone, Atropine, Avil (Pheniramine Maleate), Diazepam, Ketamine, Siquil (Triflupromazine Hydrochloride), Thiopentone, Dexamethasone, Belamyl (vit. B12), Gentamycin, Xylazine, Anistamin (Chlorpheniramine Maleate).

Update February 2019 ~ Work has begun on ASHAs new hospital, but we still need the following ~ a mobile x-ray machine, stethoscopes,animal thermometers, surgical instruments, and diagnostic equipment ( ultrasound equipment, etc.), portable sterilizing unit,portable refrigeration unit for drugs in the field clinic ambulance

(Paypal to be organised)

“On behalf of the animals, Thank~you ”





If the donation is from the UK, please donate via the Standard Chartered Bank, London, to the Central bank of India, account number 1100122133 and ask for the money to be transferred to the ASHA foundation, S M road branch, Ahmedabad.

OFFICE ADDRESS C-182, Ashok Nagar, Opp. ISRO Satelite, Ahmedabad 380015 (Guj.) India

Mobile +91 9824037521

SHELTER ADDRESS Beside Lalgaebi Ashram, Hathijan, Ahmedabad 382445 (Guj.) India

Mobile +91 9879877281

Email info@ashafoundationindia.org

Website www.ashafoundationindia.org