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Adoption Center (page being updated )

~ Permanent residents at Asha Shelter ~ They are there because they have no-where else to go or because they have specialist care needed for a healthy, comfortable life. Some would not survive if they were released in to the wild. These animals and birds are handicapped in some way, victims of accidents or left overs from the pharmaceutical industries. 1 month adoption cost for 15-20 birds is total Rs 2500/month, Small animals (dogs, cats & monkeys) Rs 3000/month

They include rabbits and horses, donkey, deer, cattle and a wide range of birds. There are people who would love to own a horses, or a donkey, maybe an eagle or an owl, but they know that they do not have the space or the time to keep such a pet . There is a concept seen in some sanctuaries called "virtual adoption". For example, a little girl wants a donkey, there is no room at home or enough time to look after it properly ~ but her parents could adopt a donkey for the cost of its feed. Large animals (cows and bulls) Rs 5000/month

The family could visit when they wanted , and perhaps pet and groom the the donkey. She would have monthly updates about how "her" donkey is doing with a photo . Of course, Asha would still own the donkey because there are still farriers, vets and grooms fees to pay. Someone else might like to adopt a handsome horse , a bull, an eagle or an owl. Their selfies would certainly be unique :) This is just an idea at the moment as we try to find new ways of improving the Asha residents comfort and surroundings. Equines (ponies and donkeys) Rs 7000/month

These dogs would do well in a home of their own with a family of their own

This lovely dog would love his own family too