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  • We give free treatment to stray animals and birds
  • We provide shelter to injured or sick animals
  • Abandoned and wild animals are also treated and given shelter
  • We try to stop cruelty done to the innocent animals and birds, by human beings.
  • We spread awareness to city people about animals and birds.
  • have opened adoption centres for stray dogs, cats and handicapped birds
  • Fight for the rights of birds and street dogs.
  • Take legal action against cruelty.
  • Many animals die by mistakenly eating plastic bags. We request people to use eco friendly bags.
  • Organize medical camps in villages for villager’s cattle and other stray animals.
  • Organize Rabies Vaccine camps in the city.

During the festival of UTTARAYAN i.e. on 14th January, there were approximately 4000 birds who were victims of that particular day. In preparation, our foundation had appointed many VET doctors, helpers and ambulances for that particular day. We rescued 1500 birds on that single day.

As mentioned earlier, in Ahmedabad city itself there are approximately 300,000 stray dogs, most of them are either starving, diseased or have serious and painful skin conditions.
Because of a lack of education and ignorance,animals are suffering. Then daily,there is around 30-45 dogs that die of Rabies and more who die due to cancer. We, the people of Asha Foundation are trying our level best to give them the best possible treatment and care to help them to survive and ease their suffering.
If these dogs were given anti rabies vaccines and neutered, there would be fewer human rabies deaths due to rabid dog bites as well as less stray dog population. Hence to reduce the number of such cases, we wish to develop our foundation and to make it better equipped and well managed so that we can save more lives.
That’s why we need your help in reducing this number by funding our mission and helping to equip our hospital in order to save more precious lives